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My name is Holly, and my love for all things plants grew into a fascination with finding out how essential oils can keep us healthy and buzzing happy like little fuzzy honeybees.

I also share about homeschooling boys, preparing meals the MIND diet way, gardening, and random ventures from our family on Instagram. If you like those things, too, I have some links for you here on this page. 

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Meet Holly Schoenhoff -- Queen Bee of the Bee Oiled Collective

Hi, my name is Holly, and the 🐝 Bee Oiled Collective 🐝 is a peek into the essential oil recipes and skills I teach in my monthly classes. When I’m not talking about Peppermint and Lavender and stirring a pot of lip balm, most days you’ll find me teaching my kids how to write ✏️ grammatically correct sentences and to have a little fun with algebra. I’m in love 💕 with my awesome sauce musician husband that I met at summer camp, and our pursuit as parents is to raise thoughtful, educated children with practical skills who are not jerks. We dream of building a log cabin homestead in the mountains, but for now our homestead instead looks like tomatoes and peppers in raised garden beds, whole wheat bread baked occasionally, a beagle with PTSD, and a talkative ginger cat.

Ready to Bee Oiled and try these little bottles of awesomeness yourself? I'd love to help you create a plant-powered wellness plan with essential oils for yourself and for your whole hive!

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